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Pregnancy Options

pregnant woman - College Park Medical Clinic

Options for all patients include continuing the pregnancy, keeping the baby, adopting the baby, or terminating the pregnancy. Unexpected / unintended pregnancy can be stressful for many people. If termination is preferred, the options are medical or surgical. All the information and visits are totally confidential.


For those patients who wish to terminate a pregnancy, access varies across the country, and between urban and a rural areas. Some clinics allow walk-in same-day access and decisions, but we prefer patients to have time to consider their options and be comfortable with their decisions. In Saskatchewan the surgical procedure is performed only in hospitals.


Patients can refer themselves to our clinic, or be referred by other clinics or agencies.
When calling for your appointment our staff will need to know

  • The first day of your last normal period
  • Who referred you to us
  • Your date of birth
  • Healthcare number
  • Phone number, and
  • Whether a pelvic ultrasound has been arranged

A patient's Family Physician/General Practitioner can arrange a pelvic ultrasound, or we can arrange.

First visit will be a consult, discussion, examination, but no procedure. We then book a medical or surgical depending on the case. If patients are booked for surgery the timing depends on how far advanced the pregnancy is.

Decision to terminate

We require patients to be personally sure that termination is their clear choice. If patients have any doubts or are confused about their decision we will not terminate.

The procedures

A blood group, blood BHCG, examination, and a pelvic ultrasound are performed before the procedure is done.

Termination of pregnancy can be performed medically for early pregnancies, or surgically up to 12 weeks; beyond that stage patients are referred to Alberta clinics.

Medical terminations effectively induce a miscarriage, and are available only up to 7 weeks gestation and only to patients living in the immediate Saskatoon area. The cost is $75 for the medications.

Occasionally a medical termination does not result in miscarriage, and a surgical procedure may then be needed.

Surgical terminations are booked for operation in hospital. Under local or general anaesthesia the cervix is stretched open and the tissues are removed using a suction device. The procedure takes a few minutes. Following the procedure there is usually some cramping for a day or so. Surgical termination of pregnancy can result in retained products of conception, continued bleeding, uterine infection.

Suitable contraception will be discussed in every case, medical and surgical.

If the pregnancy is past 12 weeks we refer patients to Alberta.

Calgary clinics are:

Peter Lougheed Hospital (women's health Clinic), 1-403-943-5716
Kensington Clinic, 1-403-283-9117

Edmonton clinics are:

Women's Health Options (previously Morgentaler Clinic), 1-780-484-1124


Following surgery most patients are greatly relieved. Some however experience distressing emotions, depending on their personality, cultural or religious beliefs or backgrounds, and whether others have pressured them into continuing or terminating the pregnancy.


Termination of pregnancy is legal and safe. In Canada the procedures have been legal since 1969.


Abortion Law
Family Law


Safety: In skilled hands TOP is clean and safe.

Future pregnancy: TOP does not affect your ability to have further pregnancies.

Cost: For Saskatchewan patients with a valid PHN termination is an insured service. Out of province patients will incur clinic and hospital costs. Most out of province patients can be reimbursed by their home province health care service.